Why Learn With A JTA Teacher?

There are many Belly Dance Teachers teaching classes around the world. Many of them are fantastic and inspiring teachers, with all sorts of backgrounds and previous experience.

Belly dance teachers all have their own individual style and approach to teaching. It is important to find a teacher that matches what you are after from a class and what you want to learn. The best way to do that is to try different teachers and talk to other students about the classes they go to.

So, why should you consider learning Belly Dance with a JTA Teacher?


JTA Teachers don't claim to be the best in the world, but we are all committed to being the best we can be and delivering the best learning experience we can to our students. When you learn with a JTA Teacher, you know you are getting:
  • A teacher with basic grounding in safe teaching of belly dance classes, including how to deliver warm ups and cool downs safely and to plan everything else they teach you in a way that takes into account what is/isn't physically possible safely.
  • A teacher that is engaged with the dance community, sharing knowledge and experience with other teachers in a collaberative way.
  • A teacher that has made a commitment to continuing their own learning, both in terms of dancing, teaching and health and safety.
  • A teacher that has made a commitment to deal with students, other dancers and teachers in an honourable and ethical way.
  • A teacher that has committed to not pretend to be an expert in areas where they have only limited knowledge and will be honest with their students as to the service they are providing.
  • A teacher that will encourage you to study with other teachers when they think this is appropriate to your development as a dancer.