JTA Membership Requirements

Membership is open to belly dance teachers who have met particular entry requirements. Find out more here about what those requirements are and why they apply.

Who Can Join?

The JTA currently welcomes as members anyone who has successfully completed the JWAAD "Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes" (formerly the "Foundation Certificate") or JWAAD Teaching Diploma, which includes the "Safe Delivery" course. You can find out more about these qualifications here.  

All member also need to sign up to our Code of Conduct and commit to continuing there own learning. Every year on renewal, members are asked to complete a form that shows how they have continued their own learning over the previous year.

Why Can't Everyone Join?

The requirement for members to have completed the "Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes" is by no means meant to disregard the vast amount of knowledge that exists in the Belly Dance world outside of the JWAAD courses. It is simply aimed at ensuring that all members as a minimum have a good grounding in teaching safely.

It is hoped that, in future, it may be possible to widen this requirement to take into account other safety qualifications and experience. If you have thoughts and ideas on this issue, we would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we are delighted to invite all Belly Dance Teachers, regardless of background, to get involved through the Belly Dance Teachers' Network and join us at Regional Networking Events around the UK.

What Types of Membership are There?

There are currently two types of membership:

  • Affiliate Members - Those who have completed the JWAAD "Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes" (or Foundation course)
  • Graduate Members - Those who have continued on to complete the JWAAD Teaching Diploma .

The only difference between these levels of membership is that some additional training is provided occassionally for Graduate Members that builds on top of the Diploma content, and that Graduate members are listed as such on the JTA website to reflect their continued learning. All other benefits are open to all members.