What is JWAAD?

JWAAD is the "Josephine Wise Academy for Arabic Dance".

It was on courses and events run by JWAAD that the inspiration for the setting up the JTA began, to provide opportunities for people who have studied and been inspired by the courses to continue their development in a collaberative way.

Read on to find out more about JWAAD and what its relationship with the JTA is.


What is JWAAD?

JWAAD was established in 1990 by Josephine Wise, and has since gone on to become an independent Limited Company (JWAAD Belly Dance Training Ltd), which is dedicated to improving the standard and raising the profile of Egyptian and Arabic dance in the West.

The directors of JWAAD Belly Dance Training Ltd are a group of highly experienced and acclaimed Belly Dance teachers and performers, with varied backgrounds, specialisms and areas of expertise, and comprise Josephine Wise, Kay Taylor, Yvette Cowles and Gwen Booth.

Whilst JWAAD is an entirely different organisation to the JTA, its training courses have been the inspriration for a group of bellydance teachers to set up the independent, not for profit JTA, in order to help them continue on their teaching journey.

JWAAD Belly Dance Training Ltd specialises in developing courses for Belly Dancers, which are widely considered to be the most prestigious and detailed in the UK. The courses are delivered by the directors, supported by a team of trained tutors. All JWAAD BDT Ltd courses are externally accredited by the "One Awards".

"Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes" is recognised as being an extremely thorough and comprehensive course, which provides participants with a grounding in anatomy, health and safety, safe warm ups and cool downs, lesson planning and professionalism and administration. It is open to anyone who teachers or is interested in teaching and provides a good safety foundation from which to teach.

Learners can go on to study the complete JWAAD Teaching Diploma, which includes 3 additional courses; "The Influence of History and Culture upon Belly Dance", "Understanding Music used in Belly Dance" and "Teaching Methods used in Belly Dance".