How do you learn?
by Claire Barnfather, 2016

Have you ever been in a dance class and had that horrible feeling – “everyone else has got this, why haven’t I”? Or have you hidden at the back struggling with a new choreography, whilst those in the front row seem step perfect straight away? Don’t beat yourself up! It just needs a little patience, some hard work and the chance for your teacher to find that magic way of teaching it that clicks with you. This is because everyone learns differently and so much depends on your own personal “learning style” and preferences. How can understanding a bit more about these help us learn, help us develop and also help us as teachers deliver the best we can for our students?

Learning to Dance… without Dancing
by Claire Barnfather, 2015

Where did you learn to belly dance? In classes? From videos? Private lessons? Workshops? A mixture of all of these? I’ve been thinking recently about how we all learn as dancers and some of the things I feel have had a profound effect on my dance and the dancing of my students. My conclusions? If we look, we can learn things that will help transform our dance from just about everything in life!

One Awards – The Way Forward for Belly Dance?
by Kay Taylor, 2015

In 2010, JWAAD took the bold move to start getting its well established Belly Dance courses accredited by an external organisation, the Open College Network. This started a programme of development that has lead to JWAAD running some of the most unique, well structured and comprehensive Belly Dance training available. Kay Taylor, Head of JWAAD Training, tells us about the OCN becoming the ONE awards and how the accreditation of courses has been a game changer for Belly Dancers.

Learning to Watch and Watching to Learn
by Gwen Booth, 2010

How can we encourage our students to attend shows by professional dancers? We can learn so much by watching and being inspired, but sometimes it can be difficult to persuade students that such shows will be valuable to them as well as being enjoyable! Gwen Booth shares her thoughts on how we, as teachers, can encourage our students.

How to Choose a Belly Dance Teacher?
by Claire Barnfather, 2010

Learning to Bellydance can offer you so much - whether it be a way of having fun, a way of making new friends, a means to get active, or a push in the direction of the bellydance obsession that can lead you on many weird and wonderful adventures in life. Finding the right teacher can make sure that you have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.