About the JTA

The JTA (JWAAD Teachers' Association) has been set up to provide a forum to enable Belly Dance teachers to work together in a supportive, collaborative, non-commercial environment. Find out more about the JTA here.

The JTA aspires to:
  • Help its members keep in touch, work together, share problems, ideas and experience.
  • Help its members be the best teachers they can and develop their very own, unique, teaching style.
  • Promote the importance of teaching safely and providing the best learning experience possible for our students
  • Help belly dance teachers and belly dancing as a whole to be taken more seriously in the dance world and wider community.

The JTA is run on a voluntary basis, by its members for its members. Whilst an elected committee of volunteers look after the day to day running and administration of the association, the association's strength lies in the diversity of knowledge and experience of its members, and their willingness to share this with each other.

We want Belly Dance to be taken seriously, and for this to happen, it is vital that the dance is seen as having professional attitudes by the outside world. Reflecting this, all of our members have made a commitment carry on their own learning and to adhere to the Association's Code of Conduct. The JTA is a member of One Dance UK and People Dancing.

Membership of the JTA is currently open to any one who has completed the JWAAD 'Safe Delivery of Bellydance Classes' Certificate (formerly the JWAAD Foundation Course) or the JWAAD Teaching Diploma. Whilst membership of the JTA is not currently open to all Bellydance teachers, the JTA is keen to help all Bellydance teachers collaberate, regardless of background. Because of this, the JTA has recently set up the Belly Dance Teachers' Network to help all teachers get together.